Never be comfortable

Have you ever hit a point where you’ve felt stagnant? Like you feel so complacent in the position you are in at the moment. Being too comfortable is a curse in my opinion. When you become too comfortable you lose your killer instinct and become vulnerable to not moving forward. I believe that it is something that we all suffer with truthfully. The uncertainty of knowing what would happen if you step outside of your comfort zone can be very overwhelming. The moment you become too comfortable it means that someone can pass you. People often know that they can do better or that they can be better but the comfort of their current situation keeps them there. One simple step out of one’s comfort zone could lead to so many big things in life. One trick that I have developed for getting out of my comfort zone in certain situations is not letting myself over think the situation because I’ve noticed the longer I contemplate the decision the less likely I am to do it. Scream to yourself “Just Do It!” Escape the boundaries of your comfort zone.


The Four C’s

The path leading to success goes through the four C’s of success which are concentration, commitment, consistency, and conquering. These are the rules to follow to build success in any aspect of life. First, you have to concentrate on what you want to achieve. That could be anything from losing weight to starting a company; in the end it all requires concentration to achieve it. Concentrate like you never have before and at that point you are a quarter of the way there. Second, you have to commit to achieving your goal. Commitment is an area that a lot of people struggle with whether it is relationships or learning a new language. To achieve anything in life you have to whole heartedly commit to and at that point you can accomplish it. When you want it more than you want anything else that is when you will accomplish it. Third, you have to be consistent to achieve your goal. Consistency is maybe the single most important one of these rules because consistency moves the chains. Consistency yields results. A lot of people get discouraged when they don’t see results with diets for example but the main cause could be because they were never consistent so it yielded no results. Lastly, you have to conquer your goals. Conquering goals is a very important step because this is the step where you achieved what you believed in. The four C’s are essential in achieving success in any aspect. Remember consistency conquers!

Simple Steps big results!

If you want to be successful in life then you have to have focus and I mean like a laser like focus. This is something that many people lack for many reasons like distractions whether school, kids, or work. There are some simple instructions that you should implement to remain focused. The first step is to formulate an idea. This step may seem hard for a lot of people and may come easy to others. They say the average person has over 10,000 thoughts out the course of a day. This means that the ideas will come and when they do you have to capture it and write it down. The next step is to plan it out. This step may be one of the most important because without a clear plan you aren’t going anywhere. At this stage you would be cultivating your idea, improving it, and making sure that it is a great one. I believe that writing down a plan allows you to really get a grasp of it as opposed to keeping it in your head because it doesn’t really motivate you to go do it. The next step is to execute. This is the most important stage because at this all important stage is when you finally put your idea and planning into motion. This is when you can finally smile and say let’s get this done. Execution is important because a lot of people never get to this stage they kind of lose focus once they have an idea or even after they planned they just give up. It is a major accomplishment to make it to this stage because not many do only the really focused ones do. The last step is to conquer. This stage means that you have done it and you can say BOOM! I made it. You have conquered your own mind and are well on your way to becoming successful with your idea. Follow me for more inspirational thoughts.

When inspiration Strikes!


Have you ever just thought about how many ideas come across your mind throughout the course of one single day? It is amazing how I wake up with new ideas or go to sleep with new ideas every day. Inspiration can strike at any moment and you have to be ready to write these ideas down because you never know how successful they can be if you cultivate and execute them. The person I want to be in the future is a serial entrepreneur which is a person that has multiple ventures instead of one single one. The creativity that I have and the way that I see the world lends to that because it allows me to think outside of the box. Remember an idea is nothing if you don’t execute it. Think about all the greats who had ideas and ran with them; which is why they have success stories now. Be ready when inspiration strikes!

Ambition is nothing by itself

I’ve always been told by everyone that I am very ambitious, from school teachers to employers to family. I always walked around with a gigantic chip on my shoulder because of constantly being told how ambitious I am. I realized the painful reality that ambition and drive mean absolutely nothing without execution. This same story has been told so many times in history. The bible even mentions that faith without works is dead. I say all of this to say that you can’t go anywhere in life with just a plan and no execution or ideas and no execution. An idea or a dream is just that until you put it into motion which is what I am learning more and more every day. Follow me on my journey to carve a path of success.

The Beginning

This journey that I am on is not one for the faint of heart. I’m not really sure if I have it all figured out yet at this point; matter of fact I am certain I don’t have it all figured out. The journey that I am talking about that I am embarking on is the journey of Entrepreneurship. As a kid I’ve always known that I want to be great in life but up until a couple years ago I didn’t really have a direction I wanted to go in. It took a major life experience to slap me in the face for me to come up with my first idea that would eventually lead me on to greater ideas. From a young age I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss and run my own business. A dark revelation that came from starting working at a young age and seeing how much it hurts to have to answer to someone at every turn. This is simply why I chose this path to greatness, my destiny, my calling; whichever sounds the most prophetic. I would love for you to follow along with me on my journey to the upper echelon of business greatness.